Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Essentials of Elegant Wedding Invitations

Despite the various themes seen in weddings nowadays, one that has remained a favorite is a classic vintage wedding and to complete the theme you need to start with elegant wedding invitations. Many people, however, cringe when they hear this because they usually get the impression that they have to spend a lot of money to produce classy wedding invites. That is not necessarily the case. You simply need to know the essential components of an elegant invitation in order to achieve that look. Here are some of the things that you must include in your invitations.

First, use the right font and wordings. Although Times New Roman is the common font used for professional writing, your invitation will look like an office document if you use this font. Instead, try Brush Script or Vivaldi for that cursive style of writing. As for the wordings, do not just settle with listing down the when, where, and what. Be more personal with the message and say something that will make the recipient feel like his or her presence will be highly appreciated
Next, use the right colors. Shades of white, gray, and silver are ideal for elegant wedding invitations, but you can also use other colors. Just make sure that you limit your palette to a few shades. For instance, you can try light blue on the stationery with a darker blue for the text and gray accents on the margins. Using too many colors will make your invitation look like it is for a child’s birthday party.

The materials that you use create a great impact as well. Do not settle for an ordinary piece of bond paper. Instead, find a stationery that is thicker or textured for that classy effect. To save on costs, try to buy this in bulk and do your own shopping instead of letting the printing shop do everything for you.
When you speak of elegance, one thing that usually pops in your mind is glitter. That is true with invitations, too. Add a bit of sparkle by choosing glittery stationery or gluing real glitters on the envelope. You may also choose some copper or silver colored texts to be embossed on the paper for that shiny effect that will truly catch the eye of your guests.

Of course, you need to add some style on your invitations if you really want them to look amazing. Place some ribbons or use a special paper puncher to create designs on the edge of the stationery. Even the fanciest ribbons will not cost you a lot, especially if you buy them in bulk. You and your friends can just cut it into shorter pieces and tie them on the envelope or create other artistic designs out of it. 
As you can see, creating elegant invitations does not exactly mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollar on them. By knowing the essentials, you can achieve classy-looking invitations on a tight budget. Your guests will not have the faintest idea of how cheap your invitations are if they are exuding with elegance with all the necessary elements put together. The right material, font, wordings, and touches of art can truly make a lot of difference.

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